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A little about us...

We evolved from Woool, your local knitting shop. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to move shop, so we thought ``let's go all out``. So we evolved, expanded our product range, sourced new and independent brands for a unique look and started the Hague's first 'crafting parlour'.

At Cross & Woods we do the best we can for our customers. New to knitting and fabric? Looking for inspiration for a bag or dress or just looking for a wonderful organic hand-dyed yarn? Then we can help you

Our philosophy is that you should always knit with the best yarn that you can afford, sew with fabric that offers that little bit extra to feel, that way you are certain that you will have a product that stands the test of time.  In this time of economic uncertainly we feel it is important to provide the best quality that wont break the bank.

We stock normal everyday yarns to special one-offs. We stock hard to get fabrics from around the world. We have something for all tastes and armed with a full range of crafy workshops we aim to inspire everybody along the path of creativity

What do we do?


We offer a variety of workshops from learning to knit, crochet, sewing skills and more. If you have a craft you would like us to help you with please drop us an email in the form at the bottom.

Yarns & Fabrics

We try to stock those hard to find yarns and fabrics. Not the usual ‘run of the mill’ brands found in every shop.

Gifts & Accessories

We stock a range of accessories to help you get started on your project right away. We also have some hand crafted gifts made and ready to go. you could also tell people you made them… they will never know!


What exactly is a crafting parlour?

A crafting parlour is a place to do crafts. It's like crafting in your own living room but with help on hand should you need it. So if you find yourself a little stuck and need some help, fancy a change of scenery or would like a little dose of inspiration then pop in and see us.

``I'm not addicted to knitting! I can stop after just one more row...``

Insights & Inspiration

Your Crafting Crew


Expert Knitter


Expert Knitter




A helping hand, kind words and a cuppa tea.

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