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Our covid-19 policy

Help us run our store responsibly and make it safe for yourself and others! While you wait outside, please queue and keep 1,5 m between you and your neighbour.

Please read the points below if you’re planning on visiting our shop or would like to make use of our Personal Shopping Assistance or the Virtual Shopping Assistance service, which you can book on our website.

Store rules / regels in de winkel

Stay at home if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms and place your order online.
Kom niet naar de winkel bij griep- of verkoudheidsklachten.

Please come alone
if possible.
Kom zoveel mogelijk alleen naar de winkel.

Stay 1.5m away from ­others in and outside the store.
Houd 1,5 m afstand, in en buiten de winkel.

There is a maximum
of 5 people allowed in the store at one time.
Maximaal 5 bezoekers tegelijk in de winkel.

The use of hand sanitiser upon entering the shop is mandatory.
Het gebruik van hand­desin­fectiemiddel
bij binnenkomst is verplicht.

CW Icon-Basket

Wait until there is a basket available. The use of a basket is mandatory for EVERY visitor of the shop.
Wacht tot er een mandje vrij is.
Het gebruik van een mandje is verplicht voor IEDERE ­bezoeker aan de winkel.

Be mindful when picking up products.
Test fibres only with your hand or on the inside of your wrist.
Raak alleen de producten aan die u nodig heeft en test ze alleen met uw hand of aan de binnenkant van uw pols.

We only accept payment by card.
Betaal zoveel mogelijk met pin of contactloos.

New Store Opening Times

We’ve adapted our opening times to better operate during the pandemic. From Tuesday to Saturday, we’re open from 11.00 AM to 17.00 PM.
During these hours, you can visit the shop or call or email us with your questions.

Private Shopping Assistance

Some of you might feel uncomfortable being in the store with others, however limited the number of customers may be. Perhaps, due to health reasons, it would simple be impossible for you to shop in the presence of others.
This is why we’ve made room for private shopping slots. Every opening day from 10.00-11.00 AM, we accept 15-minute bookings for people who would like to visit without anyone else around.

Orders & Shipping

We’re still trying our best with packing all your online orders as quickly as possible. However, some logistic things —from opening hours of post office to the speed of delivery— have changed. Please be patient when it comes to your order, and let do us know if you have any questions!
It’s always been possible to track your order as soon as it’s with our post service. Just enter your order number!
We still offer free shipping in the Netherlands for orders above €40. We’ll ship your order for free if you live within the EU if it’s over €100,- and over €150,- worldwide.

Events & Workshops

All our events and workshops remain cancelled until we’ve found a suitable and satisfactory online alternative. This sadly includes our Craft Night. All our workshops are still online though, so have a browse-through and see if you fancy anything in the future!

We will keep you updated about this in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to below.

Thank you

Last but not least, we’d like to thank you. Your understanding of the precarious situation we’re all going through and the challenges it brings in everyday life is so important when it comes to running Cross & Woods right now.
We’re trying to make sure visiting our store remains a positive and inspirational experience for everybody. However, we can only do that with your help. So thank you for following our rules!

Stay safe & healthy,
With love,
Pauline & Eloïse
& the Cross & Woods team

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