Crafter’s Collection – Needles for Children’s Projects


Crafter’s Collection – Needles for Children’s Projects


Crafter’s Collection Needles For Children’s Projects

You are never too young to learn to sew. This fabulous needle combination covers all aspects of learning to sew regardless of age.

The plastic needle is designed to be used at the initial stages of learning to sew and to be used with Binca and plastic canvas.

The next stage of development is the tapestry needle which is a chunky nickel plated needle with a large eye and round blunt point.

Finally the primary needle designed for general sewing with sewing threads, it is a nickel plated sewing needle, thicker and smaller in length than a sharps needle and especially designed for tiny fingers.

It has a large eye making it easy to thread and is designed to be used in the early stages of general sewing using medium fabrics.

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James John…dates back circa 300 years. The first evidence of needle making in its more conventional form was to be found in various monasteries and ecclesiastical centres throughout the county. Bordesley Abbey, founded in 1156, about a mile north of Redditch, was probably the earliest foothold of our industry in the Redditch area.

In 1930 two of the great needlemaker giants Milward and Hall joined forces under a single holding company, Amalgamated Needles and Fish Hooks Limited, who formed in 1932 a separate manufacturing organisation THE ENGLISH NEEDLE AND FISHING TACKLE COMPANY – ENTACO

We are extremely proud of our heritage and we are committed to offering you a quality product. Many members of staff have been employed by the company all of their lives, with a good number having more than 30 years experience and indeed generations of their family before them worked for Entaco. We aim to share with you many reminiscences from needlemakers and fables from our industry in our regular feature “A Needlemaker’s Memories”

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