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Olympus Printed Sashiko Fabric 204 Sayagata


Olympus Printed Sashiko Fabric 204 Sayagata


This is a pre-printed piece of INDIGO (navy blue) cotton with a pattern of sayagata (interlocking puzzle shapes), very handy for learning sashiko stitching.
The fabric measures 13″ x 13″ (33 cm x 33 cm) folded in half and is printed with dye that will wash out.

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Extra Info

Sashiko quilting (Pronounced: SA-SHEE-KOE) is a form of quilting originating from Japan.

Centuries ago, Japanese peasants practised a running-stitch technique called “little stabs” to patch torn or worn clothes. Mending was vital as cloth and thread were scarce and therefore valuable.

When white cotton thread became available, this was used for patching indigo blue garments, and this gave Sashiko its distinctive appearance.

The oldest surviving item of sashiko-stitched clothing is from the Asuka period and is a Buddhist priest’s robe. It was donated to a temple in 756.

Many Sashiko patterns were derived from Chinese designs, but just as many were developed by the Japanese themselves.

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