Vlieseline Solufleece (water-soluble)


Vlieseline Solufleece (water-soluble)


For all kinds of (machine) embroidery, new creative techniques and as an ideal sewing aid for mini-quilts. Suitable for all fabrics and textile materials that are washable and sewable.

This solufleece is perfect to use as a stabiliser and embroidery template. You can easily transfer your design onto the solufleece and embroider on top of it. Once your finished, the design washes out completely, leaving your embroidery work perfectly crisp!

Product benefits:

  • stabilizer for all machine embroideries
  • easily washed out – dissolves in cold and warm water
  • very good stabilizing properties and ease of use
  • versatile application, e.g. for free hand lace embroidery, appliqués and similar motifs.
  • for creating collages using a \”pizza technique\”
  • ideal sewing aid for mini quilts.


  1. Place Soluvlies under the fabric, hoop the Soluvlies and fabric embroidery or embroider the motif directly onto the Soluvlies, without fabric.
  2. Then simply wash out the Soluvlies.
  3. For collages and “pizza technique”, lay the Soluvlies down, arrange the fabrics (fabric pieces, yarns, ribbons, lacing, etc.), cover with Soluvlies, and sew all layers together, either in a grid or criss-cross pattern. Wash out the Soluvlies.

Important: Do not iron or tear off! We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

Properties: Sewable and water-soluble embroidery backing.
100% PVAL 38 g/ m2


  • Fabric width is 45cm
  • Fabric is €2,65 per meter, price listed is per quantity (qty)
  • 1 qty = 100 cm
  • fabric will be cut into 1 continuous piece when ordering multiple quantities

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Vlieseline Solufleece (water-soluble) is perfect to use as a stabiliser and/or embroidery template. Suitable for all fabrics and textile materials that are washable and sewable.

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About Vlieseline/Vilene
For more than 60 years Vilene (Vlieseline) has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications. Their Vilene products are the most famous and prestigious interlinings for those with a passion for sewing, for studios and for professional tailors/dressmakers.

Their high quality interlinings are the base for perfect and safe solutions.



Vlieseline Soluvlies is een in koud water oplosbare Vlieseline en dient als dragend materiaal voor alle borduur/naaimethoden. Het vlies kan zonder resten achter te laten worden opgelost in water. Vlieseline Soluvlies is zacht en toch stevig en is voor meerdere doeleinden te gebruiken. Het is geschikt als versteviging van dunne stoffen bij (machinaal) borduren, om applicaties te maken, of als versteviging van borduursels of stoffen waar het niet wenselijk is dat er steunmateriaal in blijft zitten.


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