Magnetic Bracelet Pin Holder – Sewply

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Magnetic Bracelet Pin Holder – Sewply

Snap on silicone bracelet with magnetic plate, to always keep your pins with you. The large magnetic plate ensures you that all pins stay safely on the bracelet, ready to go wherever you go.

The size of the bracelet adjusts perfectly to your wrist.

These would also work well with the metal Cocoknits knitting products (markers, needles etc).

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The Magnetic Bracelet Pin Holder by Sewply is the perfect companion for every sewist.

Sewply is founded by sewing lovers with a profound passion for functional supplies and tools with an aesthetic touch. They have high quality standards and all their products are thoroughly tested and used in their own sewing room, before they share them with you.

Sewply are from Denmark, where all products are developed, designed and tested, before they receive them from the manufacturers and suppliers to be packed and shipped to you.

Their products are carefully sourced and responsibly made from manufacturers all over the world who are all specialized to do what they do best.

Besides this Magnetic Bracelet Pin Holder by Sewply, you can find their entire range here.


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