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The Fibre Co. Road to China Lace


Road to China Lace BLue Tourmaline
Road to China Lace Ruby
Road to China Lace Rose Quartz
Road to China Lace Rhodolite
Road to China Lace Light Amethyst
Road to China Lace Tanzanite
Road to China Lace Pewter
Road to China Lace Grey Pearl
Road to China Lace Riverstone
Road to China Lace Star Lemon
Road to China Lace Peridot
Road to China Lace Green Pearl
Road to China Lace Verdite
Road to China Lace BLue Tourmaline
Road to China Lace Sapphire
Road to China Lace Blue Diamond
Road to China Lace Blue Opal

The Fibre Co. Road to China Lace


Road to China Lace was the natural progression from the much-adored sport weight luxury hanks of the same blend. This is the lace hank that you would reach for when you want to create something truly special and has the yardage to indulge hours of meditative making. Born from the days of running a small mill back in Maine, Road to China Lace combines baby alpaca, cashmere, silk and camel in a 2ply yarn that celebrates the Fibre Co.’s love for the beauty of natural fibres. The saturated colours play enticingly across the duotones created by this heady blend that was developed for softness and rich drape.

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At The Fibre Co. they add to your fun with their focus on interesting blends of natural fibres. The unique lines in the range of yarns are all carefully developed to achieve the perfect combination of softness and structure. The yarns are dyed to create subtle variation in tone and saturated, sophisticated colours. The result is an elegant yarn worthy of the most special projects.

The Fibre Co. have many to thank in the greater knitting community for their success. They’re humbled to know that the best of the best designers use the yarns. This allows them to provide you with amazing pattern ideas in a wide array of styles.

Daphine is the granddaughter of Greek immigrants who left their beautiful homeland to seek fortune in the textile mills of New England at the turn of the last century. Her father continued in these footsteps and became a textile engineer. She picked up the torch in 2003 when She bought a small mill and began making the type of yarns that she dreamt of but couldn’t find on the retail shelves.

Daphine experimented with various blends of all natural fibres electing to use only the finest and softest, while applying some unusual combinations of colours to achieve a truly unique array of artisan quality yarns.

This was how her business plan began when she started the company back in 2003:

“Fibre expressed as art
Crafted with heartfelt
passion for the unusual in
beauty and texture with subtle
variances. As nature intended
These are the characteristics that
make up our unique artisan
yarns, ready to receive your
artistry and inspiration

The Fibre Co

Ball Weight



Blue Diamond, Blue Opal, Blue Tourmaline, Green Pearl, Grey Pearl, Light Amethyst, Peridot, Pewter, Rhodolite, Riverstone, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Star Lemon, Tanzanite, Topaz, Verdite


65% Baby alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Camel, 10% Cashmere


32-40sts =10cm

Metres per ball


Needle Size


Yarn Weight


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