Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers


Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers


Cocoknits introduces this great addition to their line of stitch markers; a handy sampling to start or complete your collection! Just like a wine or craft beer tasting ‘flight’, their Flight of Stitch Markers offers a wide variety of styles and sizes to experiment with!

Each style includes 24 markers; 4 each of 6 colours (with a total of 120 total markers). All markers are made of nylon coated steel, so they can easily cling to magnets.


  • Split Ring markers – hook onto stitches
  • Triangle stitch markers accommodate up to US 9 / 5.5mm needle.
  • Small stitch markers accommodate up to US 7 / 4.5mm needle.
  • Original stitch markers accommodate up to US 13 / 9mm needle.
  • Jumbo stitch markers accommodate up to US 19 / 16mm needle.

Each of the five types are in rainbow colours (ideal for the Cocoknits Method), and come in their own little Kraft paper tube of 24 markers each for easy storage and transport. Perfect for gifting, beginner knitters, or anyone curious about branching out in their marker array.

How to use

This variety of stitch markers may be used to track pattern repeats, as well as increases and decreases in any design.

Use them in combination with your Cocoknits Accessory Roll, the tubes fit in the pouches perfectly! Or use any of these markers with your Cocoknits Maker’s Keep, or any magnet.

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Cocoknits is founded by designer Julie Weisenberger. Julie makes thoughtful and sophisticated patterns and tools for knitters. Her aim with Cocoknits is to reach creative knitters who want a finished product that says something unique about their personality.  She hopes that you’ll find Cocoknits an inspiration and a resource for your projects.

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