Hey Mama Wolf Wool Natural Soap


Hey Mama Wolf Wool Natural Soap


Wool Soap Bar – care for your woolens and skin

This Wool Soap Bar was built to naturally bring the most out of your woolen garments. HMY uses only organic certified oils to make it. It is high in lanolin which naturally restores your treasured knits. Lanolin is not only good for wool, it is for your skin too. Taking care of your woolens is taking care of your skin.
The soap is scented with Citronella or natural. The citronella is known to repell moths and smells similar to lemon balm.

The recipe simple with a few high quality organic ingredients. They chosen rape seed oil because there is a local supplier- so less carbon footprint!
And yes, you can use the soap to wash your hands and body too!

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Extra Info


Jule Rohrmann, the founder of Hey Mama Wolf, studied Textile Design in Berlin. Since then she has been working as an independent knitting designer. Jule started teaching knitting and crochet classes in 2008. When searching  for an ethical and organic yarn in Europe left her unfulfilled, she combined  her disappointment with her true passion for nature and concern about the environment, Hey Mama Wolf yarns was born.

Hey Mama Wolf yarns are made from organic sheep wool and hand-dyed with natural dyes. She takes great care sourcing her ethical, cruelty free and eco-friendly fibres from South America and Germany.  The yarns are locally produced and support small sheep-farms. Jule uses mostly plant material which is organically grown or she goes foraging in the Berlin-Brandenburg wilderness. She uses, exclusively, environment friendly substances in the dyeing process.

Jule lives with her husband and two children in Prignitz, a district in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany.

Hey Mama Wolf yarns are in the Netherlands exclusively available at Cross & Woods.