Slow Seasonal Knitting – Hannah Thiessen


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Slow Seasonal Knitting – Hannah Thiessen


A guide to knitting, making, and living a slow and thoughtful lifestyle all year long Slow Knitting introduced crafters to a process of more mindful making through five basic tenets: source carefully, make thoughtfully, think seasonally, experiment fearlessly, and explore openly. Now, this seasonal approach encourages knitters to delve deeper into those concepts, applying them to everyday making through a series of essays, projects, and patterns that explore the life of a knitter throughout the year.

Organized similarly to a seasonal planting guide or farmer’s almanac, each chapter and section is designed to identify and encourage small ways that knitters may begin to employ noticeable change: organizing your yarn stash, carving out time for knitting, and starting on that baby blanket in a timely manner.

The ideas explored here add up to a fuller, more mindful year, all through the joyful experience that is knitting.

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“Hi, my name is Hannah. I have been knitting since I was eight years old, when I learned from a neighbor who happened to be a local sheep farmer. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with everything we can make with sticks, string, fabric, fiber and more. My passion for beautiful, functional crafting is something I love sharing with others, and as a result, I’ve worked with some amazing companies in the yarn space over the years.

In 2017, I released my first book, Slow Knitting, a statement to the knitting world about the philosophies and thoughts I have been having about how we make and how we can create positive ripples in the communities around us and around the world through our craft. Slow Knitting outlined several tenets that I have carried with me into my everyday life as a knitter, designer, and writer.

Source Carefully: our knitting process is a celebration of craftsmanship—our own and the work of the ranchers, farmers, spinners, mills, dyers, and shops that translate wool into yarn for us to use. Sourcing carefully is honoring their process by asking for the story of the materials we use.

Produce Thoughtfully: we all get carried away at first and find ourselves knee-deep in unfinished projects, or worse, overwhelmed by gift-knitting promises. Consider each project carefully before you cast on and make only what you need, what you love, and what will be deeply appreciated.

Think Environmentally: yarns can travel a long way to reach you, or journey a short distance from home. Consider how your fiber selections impact our local, international and global communities and how you can vote with every dollar for causes you support.

Experiment Fearlessly: don’t be afraid to dive into something new or reach outside your comfort zone with fresh techniques or new-to-you fibers. The yarn world is offering more material diversity than ever, so don’t be afraid to sample!

Explore Openly: engage in the active pursuit of knitting knowledge and expand your ideas, inspiration and passion through discourse and discussion with other crafters with backgrounds different from your own. Keep your ears, eyes and heart open to what you experience!

This year, my new book, Seasonal Slow Knitting will launch in October 2020! This book expands on crafting practices that readers can explore throughout the year on an individual level, with any budget and your existing stash. Dive into a year of slow knitting with this almanac-style read. The book includes technique and project guides, knitting patterns, essays and tips, written from my crafting soul for yours.

My Values

I believe it is important to stand up for the things that we believe in, and that the practices of sustainability and environmental stewardship are only successful when they include and consider the needs of all living beings. All people are welcome here, but I pledge especially to support and lift up the marginalized and minority members of our community where I am able. It is, and always has been, my goal to showcase the beautiful diversity of our crafting community, and I hope to do so through all aspects of my business and crafting process.”

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