Wool Soap – Hey Mama Wolf


Wool Soap – Hey Mama Wolf


Wool Soap Bar – the perfect care for your woolens and skin!

This Wool Soap Bar was built to naturally bring the most out of your woolen garments. There are only certified organic oils used to make it. It is high in lanolin which naturally restores your treasured knits. Lanolin is not only good for wool, but it is also great for your skin!

The soap is scented with either Citronella (similar to lemon balm), Cedarwood, or Lavender. All these are known to repel moths.

The recipe is kept simple with only a few high-quality organic ingredients for these cold processed handmade soaps. Jule chose rapeseed oil because she can get a great quality of this locally.

And yes, you can use the soap to wash your hands, hair, and body too!



Fill wash basin with hand warm water, enough to cover garment. Lather soap generously. Immerse the garment and let it soak for 10 min. Rinse lightly, if desired (rinse not necessary). Block. Dry. Enjoy.


Low waste packaging with only paper. Using this soap instead of liquid detergent in plastic containers is a sustainable choice.

1 piece ca. 100 gr // ca. 3.5 oz

Store in a cool, dark, and dry place. Soap ages with time and gets better and better. In this process, it gets lighter because it gets dryer.

Wool Soap – Hey Mama Wolf is perfect for taking care of your woolens and skin.

Jule Rohrmann, the founder of Hey Mama Wolf, studied Textile Design in Berlin. Since then she has been working as an independent knitting designer. She started teaching knitting and crochet classes in 2008. In search for an ethical and organic yarn in Europe left her unfulfilled, so with her true passion for nature and concern about the environment, Hey Mama Wolf yarns were born.

A few words from Jule; hand, heart, and head behind Hey Mama Wolf:
” I’m a maker through and through. I studied textile design and worked a freelance knitwear designer for fashion, film and theatre until I founded HMW in 2015. We live in an old water mill in the north of Germany. If I’m not knitting, sewing, spinning I have my hands in the soil, talking to plants and sitting under the old willow tree by the creek with a cup of herbal tea listening to the birds chirping. My second love is costume and so I work for films as a textile artist.
I love making. That is why I offer with Hey Mama Wolf a range of carefully selected sustainable materials for knitters and makers. In addition you can find special editions of my hands making. All plant dyed, handmade, local and zero waste.
Hey Mama Wolf signature yarns are made for eco conscious knitting and creating. We carefully choose fibers that come from small local sheep farms. All of them are certified organic. A close cooperation with the producers, farmers and their sheep and the spinning mills is pursued. All HMW yarns are naturally dyed using GOTS certified plant dye extracts or plant material that is gathered in our garden.”

Hey Mama Wolf products are in the Netherlands exclusively available at Cross & Woods. Besides Wool Soap – Hey Mama Wolf you can find more of her products here.


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