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An Caitín Beag – Sinister Cat Pins


An Caitlin Beag it's sweater weather
An Caitin Beag cat-inna-catdigan
An Caitin Beag cats for choice
An Caitin Beag feck off pin
An Caitin Beag get your knit on pin
An Caitin Beag hook it pin
An Caitin Beag i like to hook it pin
An Caitlin Beag it's sweater weather
An Caitlin Beag final cast off
An Caitlin Beag patriarchy pin
an caitlin beag venn cats knitting
an caitlin Beag venn cats crochet
an caitlin beag venn dogs knitting
an caitlin beag welcome to sleeve island

An Caitín Beag – Sinister Cat Pins


An Caitín Beag Sinister Cat Pins – Perfect for adorning up your project bag or favorite sweater.

Choose from:

‘Cats for choice’ (donation to Abortion Rights Campaign)

‘It’s sweater weather’ (donation to Crisis)

‘It’s the final castoff’ (donation to Knit for Peace)

‘Get your knit on’

‘Smash the patriarchy’

‘I like to hook it, hook it’

‘Hook it real good’

‘Feck off! I’m counting’

‘the cat-inna-catdigan’

‘Welcome to Sleeve Island’ (with glitter!)

‘Venn Diagram of Me, Cats, Crochet & Feminism’

‘Venn Diagram of Me, Cats, Knitting & Feminism’

‘Venn Diagram of Me, Dogs, Knitting & Feminism’

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An Caitín Beag has been making silver jewellery for a long time and knitting for even longer. She combining these by making amazing knitterly (and some not-so-knitterly) jewellery and accessories – and an ever-expanding collection of other crafty bits.

An Caitín Beag is Irish for The Little Small Cat. She is Irish, and but no longer very fluent she loves the way the language sounds and works.

Neither of her lanky/chubby cats can be described as little small cats anymore!

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