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Clover Knitting Marking Pins


Clover Knitting Marking Pins


Marking pins makes pinning sleeves or basting pockets easier:

  • Large head keeps the pin from slipping off the stitches.
  • Long enough to easily stick through a thick knitted cloth.
  • Point is rounded to prevent yarn from splitting.

Contents: 10 pastel coloured pins.

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Clover started  in 1925 by Mr Toshio Okada. In 1948 he gave his company the name Clover after the Clover leaves he had used to book mark his pages throughout his days in college. The company began as a wholesaler of needles and craft items, it didn’t take long for the company to turn its hand to manufacturing. In 1983 Clover USA was established where quilting items and sewing notions were added to their collection.

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