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Amimono Room 606 – Helga Isager


Amimono Room 606 – Helga Isager


A new book from Isager Room 606 Amimono – with 10 women’s patterns from Helga Isager.

We have this book only in English

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The ISAGER YARNS are renowned as classic yarn qualities made from natural fibres well suited for knitting both by hand and machine, for crochet, weaving, embroidery etc.
Yarns bearing the same numbers can replace each other and a number 1 yarn combined with a number 2 yarn can be worked together to make a yarn equivalent to a number 3 yarn.
All the wool qualities are ideal for felting

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The colours and qualities of the finer yarns can be mixed to create unique pieces.

It is important to us that our yarns are produced with the greatest amount of care taken to both animals and humans.

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