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Buachaille – Kate Davies


Buachaille – Kate Davies


Kate Davies recently decided to develop her own hand-knitting yarn from the resources on her doorstep. Her idea was to create a 100% Scottish yarn, grown by Scottish sheep: a yarn full of character that reflected the distinctive qualities of the landscape in which she lives and works. The finest fleeces were selected, graded, and processed in traditional worsted fashion to create a soft, smooth yarn ideal for hand knitting. Kate gave her yarn the name of one of her favourite West Highland mountains and created a rich palette of seven Scottish shades. The end result is Buachaille— a yarn as as hardy and beautiful as the landscape in which it was raised.

This book was made in celebration of Buachaille, and all the things that make Kate feel at home in the Scottish Highlands.


. . . twelve colourful accessories with Kate, in her own Buachaille yarn.


. . . five delicious traditional recipes with Scottish food enthusiast, Tom Barr.


. . . with mountain leader, Gordon Anderson, around the iconic West Highland Peak of Buachaille Etive Mòr.

Book is printed and bound in the UK.

Patterns include: Stranded and striped baffies (slippers); stranded and striped pawkies (mitts); Kokkeluri (mittens); Cochal (cowl); striped and stranded bunnets (hats); whigmaleerie (tree decoration); oobit (felted bracelet); cairngorm (brooch). Recipes include: Holy Fair farls; seed and herb oatcakes; cranachan; lavender shortbread; crowdie (cheese)

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Extra Info

Kate Davies lives in a small steading on the edge of the Scottish Highlands where she loves writing, designing, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surround her. She finds that each of these activities has a creative and a critical dimension and the best of possible worlds is one in which she productively combines them all. She has a doctorate in eighteenth-century history, and have written books, essays and feature articles on a wide range of topics from the American Revolution to the history of lace. Kate has particular expertise in textile history, women’s history, and design, and these interests are combined in her popular books Colours of Shetland (2012), Yokes (2014), The Book of Haps (2016) and Inspired by Islay (2017).


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