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Knitpro Mega Ball Winder


Knitpro Mega Ball Winder


This mega ball winder is handcrafted and made from natural coloured Birch wood. It will winder up to 450g at one time!. It has anit-frictions bearings on the spool side for free rotation and due to the fine quality bearings the winding of the yarn is super smooth. There are anti scratch pads underneath the winder to ensure that it doesn’t damage your table!


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Extra Info

Knit Pro has been providing knitting and crochet hooks, needles and notions for over 5 years, with a industrial background. The products are sold in over 45 countries worldwide and Knit Pro has  been recognised as the fastest growing brand in Europe in the field of knitting accessories.

The core belief at KnitPro is that the best way to satisfy  customers is to listen and learn from them. So, with the help of an international advisory panel of knitters and crocheters, Knit Pro has been able to developed a range of needle styles and types that they believe will meet and exceed the needs of all fiber artists, whatever their level of experience.

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