Take Heart – Fiona Alice


Take Heart – Fiona Alice


Fiona Alice is a regular writer for Pompom Quartley and this is both the first book for her and also for pompom magazine

Take Heart traces a path across the Atlantic from Fiona’s hometown in Nova Scotia, to where she now resides in London. The book was photographed by longtime Pom Pom collaborator Juju Vail, with the stunning Welsh seaside as the backdrop.

Each pattern is lovingly illustrated by Fiona, along with heartfelt writing detailing her inspiration behind each one. We believe that handmade objects are imbued with the stories of those who make them, and nowhere is that more evident than here.

It featuring 11 beautiful accessory patterns

This book is only available in English and comes with a digital download

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The first knitting book to be printed by Pom Pom Press, who also produce Pom Pom Quarterly