The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage – Gudrun Johnston


The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage – Gudrun Johnston


PRE PRDER -The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage – Gudrun Johns

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Get ready for an unprecedented blend of groovy 70s silhouettes, classic Shetland colourwork, and contemporary design elements; think of bold outlines and shapes which feature intricate, time-honoured Fair Isle motifs. The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage contains 11 patterns (7 garments and 4 accessories) by Shetland-born knitwear designer Gudrun Johnston, including a first for Pom Pom Press: dresses!

Pom Pom Press is honoured to publish the third instalment of The Shetland Trader series which celebrates Gudrun’s geographical and familial roots. The designs not only incorporate the traditional Shetland knitting techniques and motifs Gudrun has helped to popularise internationally but also represent a throwback to the made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s by Patricia Johnston, Gudrun’s mother, which operated as The Shetland Trader. Exclusively for The Shetland Trader, Book Three, Gudrun has selected some of her mother’s best-loved designs and updated them for twenty-first century knitters. Use these patterns to create Shetland-chic ensembles as well as heirloom pieces impervious to time.


Your purchase of the print book also includes access to a digital copy, which will be emailed to you on publication day, 14th October 2021. You can also access a digital copy via Ravelry using the download code printed on the inside cover of the magazine from the same date.

Vair (colourwork and Razor Shell lace pullover)10 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 81.5 – 149cm / 32 – 57” – to be worn with to 0-2.5cm / 0-1” negative ease

Maywick (Razor Shell lace pullover)10 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 81.5 – 149cm / 30 ¼ – 58 ¾” – to be worn with approx 2.5-5cm / 1-2” negative ease

Bunaberry (pullover with colourwork sleeves) 10 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 82 – 156.5cm / 32¼ – 61¾” – to be worn with to 0-2.5cm / 0-1” negative ease

Willapund (vest) 10 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 81.5 – 149cm / 30¼ – 58¾” – to be worn with to 0-2.5cm / 0-1” positive ease

Soorik (smock)8 sizes; under bust circumference: 82 – 148cm / 32¼ – 58¼” – to be worn with to 5-10cm / 2-4” positive ease at under bust

Elsk (colourwork dress)10 sizes, finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 82 – 156.5cm / 32¼ – 61¾” – to be worn with to 0-2.5cm / 0-1” negative ease

Hjarta (Razor Shell lace dress)10 sizes, finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 82 – 156.5cm / 32¼ – 61¾” – to be worn with to 0-2.5cm / 0-1” negative ease

Vatna (shawl)one size; wingspan: approx 134cm / 52 ¾”, Depth: 67cm / 26½”

Smora (colourwork beret and beanie)Beret (Beanie); one size each, finished circumference at brim: 46.5cm / 18 ¼” for both versions

Snaraness (lace headscarf)one size; wingspan: approx 70.5cm / 27¾”, Depth: 35.5cm / 14″

Tarra (shawl)one size; wingspan: approx 140.5cm / 55 ¼”, Depth: 30cm / 11¾”

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Gundrun Johnston



The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage – Gudrun Johnston is the new book from Pom Pom Press.

Pom Pom was founded in 2012 as a quarterly magazine that would present knitting, crochet, and craft in a modern, beautiful, and meaningful way. Mainly conceived as a collection of patterns complemented by thoughtful writing and useful tutorials, Pom Pom also celebrates the joy of making, hopefully without taking it all too seriously!

“Since our kitchen table beginnings, we’ve gone on to feature some of the most well-known and loved independent designers and yarn producers, with some of the less well-known also growing along with us. We are so proud and lucky to be able to say that Pom Pom is now stocked at over 250 locally-owned yarn and craft stores across four continents and 20 countries. At Pom Pom we know that knitters are creative, curious people – so we also include lots of other features we think you’ll enjoy – from cocktail recipes, to dyeing tutorials, to articles about 18th-century paper cut artists! Basically, anything we think will inspire you. We also take pride in every detail of our magazine, from the typefaces we use right down to the paper we’re printed on – knitters are tactile people after all! We have always been, and continue to be, printed in the United Kingdom.

Pom Pom continues to grow, and we very much value each and every one of you along with us on the journey! We are so excited about bringing you more thoughtful, beautiful, joyful, educational, and inspirational knitted (and crocheted!) goodness for a long time to come.”


Pom Pom Quarterly is een Brits magazine wat vier keer per jaar uitkomt. Pom Pom is een magazine dat zich focust op breien, haken en moderne handwerktechnieken op prachtige en toepasbare wijze. Het magazine biedt een collectie van brei- en haakpatronen, artikelen, recepten en meer. De redactie van Pom Pom Quarterly streeft ernaar om een inclusief en divers magazine te zijn, met patronen tot en met maat 62-64.

Je kunt altijd rekenen op een inspiratievol magazine, waarbij de bekende en minder bekende designers en garenmerken aan bod komen. Al jaren een team favoriet hier bij Cross & Woods!

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