CaMaRose No 193 Basic-Sweater my size


CaMaRose No 193 Basic-Sweater my size


A basic sweater for beginners using only knit and purl! And it is knitted in the softest wool and on a large size needle so that it will be finished quickly! Knitted in either Snefnug or Stjernestøv it is a great super winter sweater.

The sweater is worked top down on circular needles with short row neck shaping to give it a better fit. As you go, change to a longer circular needle when necessary.

Suggested needles: 6 mm circular needles (40, 60, and 80 cm) and 6 mm double-pointed needles – or you can work the sleeves using magic loop. You also need stitch holders or scrap yarn (to hold sleeve stitches) and a tapestry needle to weave in ends. Furthermore, a row counter is recommended to keep track of the rounds plus 3 markers, or 4 markers if you are not using a row counter. NOTE! Needle sizes are only meant as a guide.

It is always recommended to swatch before casting on to ensure that you are using the right needles for the desired gauge!

size XS -7 balls, S 7 balls, M 8 balls, L 8-9 balls, XL 9 balls, XXL- 9 balls from Snefnug or Stjernestøv

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“My name is Trine Bertelsen, I am a yarn wholesaler and the owner of

I founded my company in 2010, under the name, it started as a web shop, with my own designed patterns for babies and children

In late 2010, I started importing yarn from Peru and started wholesaling to other shops.

I started with only  Pima cotton and the Lama cotton 1/2, but soon I began to expand the range and developed  new qualities such as Lamatweed.

I have been  designing and writing knitting and crochet patterns since 2008. Before founding my own business, I worked as a freelance knit designer for other wholesalers in Denmark and abroad, for weekly magazines and knitting magazines. The experience I gained from working for others has been absolutely indispensable and I am even convinced that designing and writing a good knitting / crochet pattern is something that takes many years to learn and it is something that is always developing.

From the beginning of 2010, my 3 children have inspired me to design and are my daily sources of inspiration. This is the reason why  I chose to change the name of my company from the Strikkebogen to, it is abbreviation of my 3 children’s names, Carl-Emil, Mathilde and Anna-Rose.

My mission, from the beginning, was to be able to sell good quality yarn under my own name, which is affordable and not available elsewhere . I chose to work with with suppliers who comply with ethical and environmental regulations with regards animals and the environment in the production of yarn. In addition to this i wanted to design knitting and crochet patterns that are easily available and fashionable.

You can follow my work very closely at  or follow me at”CaMaRose

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