Chiaogoo Bamboo Double Pointed Needles 13cm

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Chiaogoo Bamboo Double Pointed Needles 13cm

Chiaogoo bamboo double pointed needles from 12cm long.

They are beautifully smooth, light and strong needles, great for socks and gloves.
These bamboo needles are made of Moso bamboo and have precisely tapered, hand-crafted tips.

The size is permanently laser imprinted on each needle.

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Chiaogoo bamboo double pointed needles in the short version at only 15cm long. They are beautifully smooth, light and strong needles, great for socks and gloves.

ChiaoGoo is a family-owned knitting supplies brand that was started by four brothers. Growing up in Linen, “the Bamboo capital of China”, the brothers’ family has a long-standing tradition in working with bamboo and knitting supplies.

The family’s grandfather was a bamboo craftsman, who spent the majority of his life traveling from town to town with his bamboo tool kit, making household goods such as chairs, tables, mattress sheets, rice barrels, baskets and steamers. The brothers’ father followed in his footsteps and in the early 1980’s built a workshop in Linan, right at the birth of the Free Market in China. 
The workshop produced similar household goods, but the family’s primary product became knitting needles.

The original demand for the knitting needles came from the brothers’ mother. An excellent knitter, her knits kept the family warm during Linan’s cold winters. She was ChiaoGoo’s first tester, and frequently asked for special needles to match her needs. She is also the inspiration for ChiaoGoo’s brand name, meaning “highly skilful and crafty lady”.

In 2005, the youngest brother established himself fin Troy, Michigan, from where ChiaoGoo’s knitting line is now marketed and distributed. Today, Chiaogoo has expanded to become one of the most respected producers of knitting and crochet tools. ChiaoGoo products are now adored and enjoyed by worldwide customers, with retailers and distributors across the globe.

ChiaoGoo needles are made from either bamboo or surgical grade stainless steel. The bamboo needles are made from Moso bamboo, one of the largest and strongest bamboos in the world, making them an eco-friendly choice.
All stainless steel products are made with surgical grade stainless steel, hypo-allergenic and not reactive to sensitive skin. They have a smooth, satin sheen that doesn’t reflect light and are strong but also lightweight.

As the story tells, and as we appreciate ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular needles — this is an incredibly durable product to be enjoyed a lifetime, making knitting a joy. As any crafts(wo)man enjoys their tools, you’ll cherish these needles, cables and tips for their precision, comfort and quality. It goes to show that these tools were made with the knitter in mind, and we love them for it!

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