Chiaogoo Interchangeable Adapters

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Chiaogoo Interchangeable Adapters

This stainless steel piece allows a knitter to go from an [S] interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to a MINI interchangeable TWIST cable, or with the larger size from a larger tip to a small cord.

It is highly recommended to use the T-shaped tightening keys when connecting cables together.

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Chiaogoo knitting and crochet accessories are designed, manufactured and wholesaled  by Westing Bridge LLC, based in Michigan USA.

The bamboo needles are made from Moso bamboo, one of the largest and strongest bamboos in the world. All the bamboo products are made by skilled craftsmen with over 100 years of experience that is passed down through the ranks, and all the bamboo products are eco-friendly.

The stainless steel products are made with surgical grade stainless steel that is hypo allergenic and not reactive to sensitive skin.

They have a smooth, satin sheen that doesn’t reflect light, are strong but also lightweight.

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