Jamieson and Smith Stamp Shoulder Bag


Jamieson and Smith Stamp Shoulder Bag


This project bag is big enough for all your knitting and shows your support for J&S!

Made from a strong canvas this bag measures 48cm long and 37cm high.

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Shetland wool is well know for its fineness and warmth, the sheep graze all over Shetland from beaches to hills eating the heather and seaweed along side the grass -this diet together with the wild and wet weather on Shetland produces a wool that is strong and warm but also soft.

Shetland wool is perfect for hand knitting – traditionally for Shetland lace and Fair Isle, but at Jamieson and Smiths (also wool brokers) the total fleece is used -with the coarser parts been used in carpets.

Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers Ltd. purchase Shetland wool from over 700 of Shetland’s crofters and farmers, and transform it into high-quality Shetland wool products including yarns, knitwear, blankets and carpets. Jamieson and Smith work towards enhancing the profile of Shetland Wool and so helping the local wool producers. They purchase over 80% of all the wool grown on Shetland and so they play a very important part in supporting the crofting industry, the traditional textile industry and the heritage of the islands.

All of the products from Jamieson and Smith carry the 3 Sheep Logo, this logo shows that all the wool is 100% Real Shetland Wool from pure bred Shetland Sheep that are born and bred on the islands.