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Rowan Morrison – sweater card


Rowan Morrison – sweater card


X’s are kisses.
O’s are hugs.

X’s and O’s also happen to be a beloved motif in knitwear design, as it lends itself nicely to the gridded organization of stitches, and can be employed all sorts of ways. This watercolor illustration of a fairisle cardigan emblazoned with the XOXO motif is sure to warm the heart of any textile lover and fiber fanatic.


  • 5″ x 7″
  • Made from 16 pt. durable Matte Cover
  • Message inside reads “♡XOXO♡”
  • 70lb. Ivory/Natural Triangle-Fold Envelope complements the illustration’s color palette

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Extra Info

Pete and Narangkar Glover are the artists, makers and thinkers behind Rowan Morrison Books. What began as a small, artist-run space in Oakland has now grown into a small book-making and paper goods operation out of Portland, Oregon.

“As a small-time publisher, we believe in creating our goods affordably, and sustainably. Since 2006 we have worked closely with artists to design and create books that are best suited to highlight the strengths and characteristics of their work. Plus, we have a lot of fun designing our paper goods line.

Most of our products are produced right here in Portland. We aim to keep our dollars local, because we believe it helps perpetuate a healthy local economy, and reduces the overall carbon footprint. We like to interact with our suppliers, vendors and customers directly, and feel this boosts our sense of community.”

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