SWIV 360 – Chiaogoo

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SWIV 360 – Chiaogoo

SWIV 360 from Chiaogoo are silver in colour, and the next-generation in cables. SWIV360 cables have the same multi-strand steel cable and nylon components as the much-loved red and blue TWIST cables with an added swivel feature!

The ChiaoGoo TWIST SWIV360 cable makes circular knitting easy and smooth. The system allows the knitting needle tips to rotate freely, which prevents the cable from kinking or twisting during knitting. The steel cable features a silver-coloured nylon coating. This material makes the cable sturdy, yet it still glides effortlessly through the stitches.

The cables attach to needle tips with a cable key. The holes for the cable key can also be used as a lifeline.


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Extra Info

Chiaogoo knitting and crochet accessories are designed, manufactured, and wholesaled by Westing Bridge LLC, based in Michigan USA.

The bamboo needles are made from Moso bamboo, one of the largest and strongest bamboos in the world. All the bamboo products are made by skilled craftsmen with over 100 years of experience that is passed down through the ranks, and all the bamboo products are eco-friendly.

The stainless steel products are made with surgical-grade stainless steel that is hypoallergenic and not reactive to sensitive skin.

They have a smooth, satin sheen that doesn’t reflect light, and are strong but also lightweight.