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Tilly Flop Designs – Tea Towel ‘Oh how I’d rather be knitting’


Tilly Flop Designs – Tea Towel ‘Oh how I’d rather be knitting’


We’ve all stood at the sink drying pots and longing to be doing something else. If you’d rather be knitting – and let’s face it, wouldn’t we rather be? … then this tea towel should get the message across.
The stocking stitch is a bright orange with a speech bubble printed on a 100% white cotton. The tea towel is 470mm x 750mm / 18.5″ x 29.5″.
The towels wash (and dry) well and are colourfast and are printed in the UK.
They come with a paper wrapper with the warning that they should only be used ONCE all that knitting has been finished … hmmm
Maybe drying up won’t seem so much of a chore anymore …

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Extra Info

Tilly Flop aka Julie Nelson Rhodes is based in Salford in the UK.

“I started knitting as a child; sewing followed in my teens. Graphic design was studied at college and became my career. It’s taken me over twenty years to realise that I could combine all three.”

She sells her wares at fairs and markets in the UK and on her Etsy shop Tilly Flop.

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