Kessel Scarf Kit | @Saltandstoneknits | Lanivendole Pure & Simple


Kessel Scarf Kit | @Saltandstoneknits | Lanivendole Pure & Simple


This design by Mieka from Salt & Stone Knits is quite easy start for new brioches knitters, and has a very stylish elegance and wearability for any occasion.

The Kessel Scarf is knit bottom-up in the round to create a long tube. It starts with a classic long-tail cast-on and a plain brioche section. You then go into a simple crossed pattern, repeated several times with plain sections in between. The scarf finishes with another band of plain brioche for symmetry. You may choose to seam the ends shut to make a cowl, so that the scarf lays flatter, or to stitch them together to create a long tube cowl.

The pattern is designed for Lanivendole ‘A Pure & Simple Wool’ (100% Aquilana wool, 328 yd / 300 m per 3.5 oz / 100 g). The sample shown was knit in an adult size in colourways Pino (dark MC) and Salvia (light CC).

Lanivendole put together a few other combinations we adore, in colder or warmer shades:

CC Color: Foschia – MC Color: Ambra

CC Color: Latte e Menta – MC Color: Hocus Pocus

CC Color: Pattini – MC Color: Onice

You may also pick the shades you prefer yourself and build your own combination; there are plenty of options! If you go for this option, please leave your selected colours in the comment section when checking out. You can check all the available colours here.


Your kit will come with 1 skein of each colour for the kid size or 2 skeins of each colour for the adult size. With each kit purchase, you will receive a digital download code for the pattern (pattern includes instructions for children and adults).


Most kits will be ready and available for shipping straight away. Otherwise we will notify you and your kit will arrive within 2-3 weeks.


The Kessel Scarf Kit by @Saltandstoneknits, is made with Lanivendole Pure & Simple, you can find more Lanivendole yarn’s here.

Mieke John from Salt and Stone Knits, designed the beautiful Kessel Scarf in collaboration with Lanivendole. You can find more of Mieka’s work on her website.

Lanivendole is a small yarn company from Genoa, Italy. Our aim is to create unique yarns containing local fibres.

Their yarns are made with a short-chain production, that is 100% traceable: it begins with fibre gathering directly from local breeders, The wool is blended at two experienced mills and ends up in the studio where the hand dye yarns are skeined into small batches.

Quantities of each yarn type are limited as it directly depends on the yearly yield of the fibres selected, how large the herd is and the mill’s production capability.

This production method is very important to Lanivendole as they have control over each stage of production and can achieve very high-quality standards, by working closely with the skilled mill keepers to get the best out of each blend of fibres; in fact, each batch coming out of the mills is slightly different and hence unique, just like a precious wine that varies from one year to another, The same applies to the dye lots, that reflect the artisanal process. So, each skein is able to tell a story, through materials and colours.

The origin of their project goes back to the years of teaching spinning and textile arts, a fulfilling activity that enabled the girls to travel around Italy getting to know the job of many herders who decided to recover local wool breeds and set up precious fibres farms. During that period they decided that they wanted to promote this hard work  –  high-quality yarns with an artisanal soul.

This is why they decided to have the yarns spun in small skilled mills of Italian textile district manufacture, that can process reduced amounts of fibre and get high rates in quality and keep intact the structure and character of the noble fibre at their best. By taking this path it is possible to keep the exact perfection and repeatability of commercial yarns but to create niche fibres with a strong character

During a trip to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival a few years ago the girls started to figure how they could transform this little treasure of knowledge and contacts that they had been building into a project, that would speak of the precious fibres found out in locally, of the manufacture with hundred years of experience in spinning, and above all of the unique and artistic character inherent artisanal products.

One evening, they were sitting at dinner in Florence talking about all these ideas with some friends, and one of them just described them as LANIVENDOLE – women who sell yarn in their dialect – and this remained their brand ever since.

Enjoy your Kessel Scarf Kit | @Saltandstoneknits | Lanivendole Pure & Simple!

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