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Malabrigo Finito

13,80 6,90

Malabrigo finito 031 mostaza
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Malabrigo finito 031 mostaza

Malabrigo Finito

13,80 6,90

Finito is a special treat indeed – Malabrigo seeks out the absolute finest Uruguayan merino that they can buy (usually only in limited quantities each year!). The individual fibers are nearly as fine as cashmere, and the finished 2-ply fingering-weight yarn has a downy halo of absolute luxury- truly a joy to knit and wear!

Great for: shawls, scarves, accessories, lace, textured stitches, lightweight garments, luxurious gifts.

Be sure to get enough yarn to complete your project since each bag is a different dye lot, and skeins may vary from bag to bag. With some colours, the skeins may vary one from the other even within the same bag. To ensure random colour distribution, work from two balls of yarn at once, alternating a few rows from each ball.

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Malabrigo started small, when two brothers-in-law started dyeing wool in a kitchen back in 2005, and slowly came sales from around the world and the move to an industrial park in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 2010 the factory added a flat-plate thermal heating system, which help to decrease the carbon footprint – the warmth from the sun heats the water tanks.  Malabrigo cares for the environment by using as little water and chemicals as possible.

Malabrigo employs mainly local women and tries to employ people who have fewer opportunities than average.

Most of the yarns used by Malabrigo come from Uruguayan merino sheep. The yarns are produced by Uruguayan famers where the sheep are allowed to roam free through the hills and are herded by shepherds  – there is no mulesing! Yarns such as the silky merino is a blend of the merino and top quality silk from top quality suppliers.

Malabrigo also has a small herd of Merino and Corriedale sheep, the flock is not big enough, yet, to provide all the yarn needed but it is a step in the right direction with regards to sustainability and quality control.

The  Superwash manufacturing process now meets Oeko-Tex standards. This means the yarn is free from a range of harmful substances often found in manufacturing (such as formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, and a variety of other toxins and carcinogens).

Needle Size



100% super fine merino




6-6.5st = 10cm

Hook Size


Metres per ball


Yarn Weight


Ball Weight


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