ikatee Sewing Pattern – Vic for kids


ikatee Sewing Pattern – Vic for kids


Comfortable cardigan that matches mums version! in two timeless version.

Straight cut.

2 versions A or B.

2 options at lower body: hem or body band. top of the hips for kids.

2 neck options: with bias binding or facing.

Buttoned front.

Optional round pockets applied.

Sewing level: easy

What you will practice with this sewing pattern: make a buttoned placket directly on the body or assemble a facing, apply a bias binding at the neckline and at the bottom of the sleeves for the bias option. Sew optional pockets.

Cuffs with hem or bias binding.

Kids range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years

  3Y 4Y 5Y 6Y 7Y 8Y 9Y 10Y 11Y 12Y
Height  (cms/inches) 98/38 104/41 110/43 116/46 122/48 128/50 134/53 140/56 146/58 152/60
Chest size (cms/inches) 54/21 56/22 58/23 60/24 62/24.5 64/25.2 66/26 68/26,8 72/28,3 B75/29,5


Waist size (cms/inches) 50/19.5 52/20 53/20.5 55/21.5 56/22 57/22.5 58/22,8 59/23,2 B61/24




Hip size (cms/inches) 60/24 62/24.5 64/25 66/26 68/27 70/27.5 72/28,3 B73/28,7






Head circumference (cms) 50 52 52 54 54 55 55 56 56 57

Material suggestions:

  • Knitted or woven (warp and weft): Fleece, French terry, Milano knit (Ponti Roma). Heavy jersey, fleece, quilted jersey. Quilted fabric, knitted or woven jeans, jacquard

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French digital sewing patterns for kids and babies and mum.
100% authentic French design.
Comfort and quality cut guaranteed.
Simple, easy to follow explanations and tutorials.

Ikatee Mission statement

Ikatee helps beginner and more advanced sewing fans to express their passion for fashion and children’s clothing.
With our sewing patterns and tutorials, you can create unique and personal clothing for all ages.

Our Atelier-Studio brings you…

An experiences design know-how,
Quality sewing patterns,
Charming and fashionable designs,

New patterns and designs arriving regularly,

– Level-graded patterns,
– illustrated and detailed instructions,
– Quick and easy patterns and guidebooks downloads.

Our values

Passion: Express your emotions, follow your ideas.
Creativity: Innovate, make it personal and adapt the design to suit your needs.
Experiment: Be an actor of your choices. Do it yourself, learn, progress, achieve.
Community: Share your experience and experiments. Doing it yourself is not doing it alone.
Autonomy: Download and create from your home, manage yourself your purchases and consumption.

Why “Ikatee”?

Ikatee finds its origins in some of my numerous travels to Asia and my love for the graphic prints which are both timeless, modern and delicate : the Ikats. A name that in itself is wandering. A sprinkling name to fill your creative well… and inspires me daily.

Stéphanie Godefroy

Further info about ikatee can be found on their website Discover our story

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